O.C. Senior Paddle Tennis Tournament

It was a great tournament!  Here are the results and some pictures!

Start Detox 5600
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Start Detox5600
Remi Bloston
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Men’s 4.5-5.0
1st Place – Dirk Young and Mike Kenyon
2nd Place – Doug McClintock and Chuck Parise
3rd Place – David Brendel and Rolly White

Women’s 4.0 – 5.0
1st Place – Mary Thompson and Joanne Hedgespeth
2nd Place – Denise French and Liz Newsom
3rd Place – Dianne Theisen and Nancy Tirrell

Men’s 4.0 and below
Finals – Group pic with referee Matt Denoff
1st Place – Gary Everson and Gary Crampton
2nd Place – Butch Nelson and David French
3rd Place – Ed Pratt and John Lind

Women’s 3.5 and below
1st Place – Eleanor Reafsnyder and Sandy Eldridge
2nd Place – Linda Teague and Sandy Stark
3rd Place – Cambria Pennell and Dee Yamabe