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                Stock Code:002675
                Yantai Dongcheng Dayang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
                YOUR LOCATION:HOME >> BRANCH

                        Yantai Dongcheng Dayang Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is located in Fushan Hi-tech zone of the beautiful coastal city-Yantai. It combines development, production and sales of medicine and healthy food. The company was established in May 1999 with registered capital of 50 million RMB. There are 280 employees, of whom, 86% hold a junior college degree or above and 35% hold bachelor and master degrees or above. We passed the CFDA GMP inspection in March 2004 and the revised CFDA GMP inspection in September 2013. And our company has been awarded as a high-tech company in Shandong Province, Yantai city quality integrity unit, and Yantai price integrity unit. 

                        Dayang owns three workshops: solid preparation, fermentation and extraction of traditional Chinese medicine. We produce 4 dosage forms: capsule, tablet, granule and dripping pill. Our annual capacity of fermentation and extraction is 180 tons and 150tons, respectively. The annual manufacturing capacity of tablets and capsules both are 1 billion. The Quality Testing Center matches the production capacity.



                        The company owns many kinds of drugs including:Ambroxol Hydrochloride Dispersible Tablets which belongs to national essential drugs to treat respiratory system diseases; Eqiuqi Pian to treat chronic enteritis and colonitis; Xiao Feng Zhi Yang Granules (Exclusive Orange 3g for children and 6g sugar-free for adults) to treat pruritus; Chuanlong Guci Capsules which was first listed by Dayang to treat hyperosteogeny; Jin Jun Ling Capsules which is national protect varieties of Chinese medicines and is manufactured only by Dayang; Liu Wei Di Huang Capsules after extraction finely; Jiang Tang Ning Capsules, the exclusive diabetes combination with Chinese and Western medicines; Xinxue Tablets, Chinese antibiotics belongs to medical insurance; Yi Gan Ling Drop pills, exclusive patent production to protect liver etc.

                         Dayang pays much attention to the construction of R & D center, and continues to increase investment in scientific research. The focus of R & D center is to use the modern pharmaceutical technology and methods to develop featured compound Chinese medicine and new forms of modern Chinese native and western medicine. Since the center was established, Dayang has independently reported and commissioned more than 50 projects. So far, the company has 25 approved products, 22 of which are independently developed, 6 of which are exclusive product formulations, and 3 of which are national medical insurance directoryproducts. Besides,there are 6 projects on pending. We are able to carry out all experiments including the animal screening, pharmacodynamics, toxicology, pharmacology, and clinical analysis in the R & D center. The sales network has been established nationally covering more than 20 provinces, cities and municipalities. Many products have been exported to Africa and Southeast Asia.



                             To enrich the amateur life of employees, the company established staff canteen, dormitory, library, TV room and places for recreational and sports activities. With the development of the company itself, Dayang actively cooperates with domestic universities and absorbs high-tech talents. In 2009, Dayang was listed as a teaching practice unit of Shandong University, which is responsible for the combined teaching practice guiding task for undergraduates. This cooperation lays a good foundation for building the new drug’s R & D and achievements conversion center in the future.

                            Yantai Dongcheng Dayang has always committed to the construction of the modern corporate system, and pursues profits sharing for employees and society. In the future, we will always consider “high taste as pharmaceutical manufacturer, and supply high quality” as our philosophy of operation, bring health and care to more and more people.

                Yantai Dongcheng Dayang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltdinquiry hotline:

                TEL: 0535-6302146   

                Office: 0535-6302146-0   

                Sales Department:  0535-6303327 6303126   6303326

                Website: http://www.ytdayang.com/ 


                CONTACT US
                Address:No.7 ChangBaiShan Road, Yantai Development Zone, ShanDong, China