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                Stock Code:002675
                President Oration
                YOUR LOCATION:HOME >> ABOUT US

                President Oration

                     Since our founding in 1998, Dongcheng Biochemicals has had a long, successful history of development. After over ten years of hard work, Dongcheng has grown from a small business to a worldwide leading pharmaceutical enterprise;a company with an API factory to an enterprise group with four subsidiaries; a company only with original foundation to an influential and competitive public listed pharmaceutical enterprise with many independent core technology and intellectual property right.

                     Years of joint endeavor by Dongcheng employees and friends from all walks of life has promoted our development and will continually provide powerful support to company’s sustainable and rapid development.

                     The next few years will be a stage of transformation for DCB. In the new stage, we will strictly implement the strategy set by the BOD - “lay equal focus on both API and preparation business; combine organic growth, M&A and integration, to achieve sustainable and rapid growth in the field of bio-pharmaceuticals”. Together with the development concept “benefit, responsibility” and the management policy “moderate operation, sustained development”, we’ll keep being committed to creating a world class pharmaceutical enterprise. Moving forward, DCB will continuously provide customers with high quality products, return stockholders with considerable sales performance, and take on the social responsibility actively.

                     “Endeavor to open a new start with great ambitions”. No matter how arduous the road to success will be, Dongcheng People will try hard and satisfy the shareholders, capital market and society with the support from shareholders and friends.

                CONTACT US
                Address:No.7 ChangBaiShan Road, Yantai Development Zone, ShanDong, China