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                Stock Code:002675
                Development process
                YOUR LOCATION:HOME >> ABOUT US


                YEAR 2017



                The company plans to acquire Nanjing Andi Electronics Zhengye Research and Development Co., Ltd. Through this acquisition, the company will further improve the industrial layout of radionuclides and become a supplier of complete nuclear medicine and nuclear medicine solutions, greatly consolidating the company. Leading position in the field of nuclear medicine



                YEAR 2016



                The company has invested RMB 65 million to control Yitai Pharmaceuticals, and has deployed 188[ReRe] etidronate injection frontier products for nuclear medicine. The company invested RMB 315 million to hold Thailand Zhongtai Bio to achieve low-cost procurement of raw materials and global collaboration


                The company spent US$70 million to successfully acquire GMS (China), a founding company of domestic diagnostic radiopharmaceutical preparations, and completed the company’s nuclear chemical's entire industrial chain layout from diagnosis to treatment.



                YEAR 2015



                The company invested RMB 750 million to control the domestic No. 1 producer of therapeutic radionuclides, Chengdu Yunke Pharmaceutical, taking a crucial step in the advancement of nuclear medicine.



                YEAR 2014



                The company officially changed its name to “Yantai Dongcheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.,” which indicates that the company has basically completed the “change from a single product of raw material medicines to the development of raw material medicines and preparations, focusing on development and group development”.


                YEAR 2013



                The company invested 85 million yuan in the construction of R&D and quality inspection building, equipped with international high-end scientific research equipment.


                The company spent RMB 167 million to complete the acquisition of Yantai Ocean Pharmaceuticals


                The company invested 470 million yuan to raise investment projects "Dongcheng Biopharm Industrial Park" officially started construction



                YEAR 2012


                May 25

                Shenzhen Stock Exchange successfully listed

                May 14

                Online road show


                Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing Road Show

                May 3

                Received approval from the Securities Regulatory Commission for approval of Dongcheng IPO

                January 6

                Dongcheng Pharmaceuticals' listing application is reviewed by the Issuing Committee



                YEAR 2008 — YEAR 2012

                Dongcheng Pharmaceutical Listed Preparation Work

                January 9

                Dongcheng Pharmaceutical Group (Formerly Dongcheng Biochemical) Co., Ltd. Officially Unveiled


                YEAR 2007


                December 19

                Dongcheng Pharmaceutical Group (Formerly Dongcheng Biochemical) Co., Ltd. was founded and officially launched its listing


                YEAR 2006


                Dongyuan Biological Engineering Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, started construction in Funan County, Shandong Province, completing the layout of the upstream of the industrial chain.




                YEAR 2002


                The company merged Yantai North Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the industrial chain extended to the downstream formulation industry.


                YEAR 2000


                The company became the first domestic biochemical raw material medicine company to pass the GMP certification of the State Food and Drug Administration


                YEAR 1999


                The company was built and the first heparin sodium drug product was put into production


                YEAR 1998


                Dongcheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (formerly Tung Shing Biochemical Co., Ltd.) started construction and kicked off the rapid rise.



                CONTACT US
                Address:No.7 ChangBaiShan Road, Yantai Development Zone, ShanDong, China